07-04-2013 The Legendary Raw Deal News

New Legendary Raw Deal album in the making, more then 70% is finished! The Badlands Mud full length CD (the EP was just a taste ) look for this later in the year out on Mutant Rock Records! Kick Arse Fuck a Billy Boogie ...

22-02-2013 The Meteors Bootleg CD-R's

Currently there are some live illegal recordings of The Meteors for sale on some dubious Japanese websites!

 The CD-R's look real professional and could be mistaken for original release, but aren't in anyway!

Mind You that these are pirate tapes, recorded illegal and ripping of the band!

Don't buy from pirates!

Pictures on the Bootleg page here.

30-01-2013 The Meteors Announce New Bass Player

Hendrik will be overworked at Oberhausen ha ha, he plays his final gig with the Trillionairs and also his first gig officially as our full time bass player! Don't bother to ask just wanna say a massive thanks to the Prince for nearly 6 years of the best rockin' times like Shaun and Mark before you! I am pleased we remain K brothers, those outside the family will never understand the K 666. I look forward to working on other projects with you in the studio as well as the next PPF solo tour later in the year. Now as ever the Meteors move forward the monster never dies! Viva Hendrik for having not only the skill but also the balls and madness to take up the flag! And the biggest thanx to the WWWC for once again giving up your own kind to power the helltrain!




P. Paul Fenech 666

22-12-2012 The Meteors New website and URL

Currently the Meteors website is undergoing a huge transformation, being updated and getting a complete new lay out. Also they moved to another website address, so be sure to update this!

22-08-2012 The Legendary Raw Deal New Album 'Badlands Mud'

The Legendary Raw Deal 'Badlands Mud' (Mutant Rock Records) CD/12"/DL
Released 12th October 2012

01. Badlands Mud
02. 13 Women
03. Who Cares What You Call Rock 'n' Roll
04. One Track Mind

The Legendary Raw Deal coming up with their new EP 'Badlands Mud' including 4 brand new songs in their typical 'Fuckabilly Boogie' Rockabilly style. The EP will officially be released in October 2012 as limited, colored and one-side 12“. 4 Songs CD Digipack and 12“ orange vinyl limited to 1000 copies, and a Deluxe Version: limited Edition of 300 pieces, 180 gram orange Vinyl, print on the B side includes poster and Mutant Rock Sticker!

22-08-2012 The Meteors New Album 'Doing The Lords Work'

The Meteors ’Doing The Lord’s Work’ (People Like You Records) CD/2LP/DL
Released 8th October 2012

01. My Psychobilly Syndrome (WWWC Bloody Pit Of Horror Mix)
02. It’s A Long Way Down
03. My Life For Thee
04. She Screams Out My Name
05. The Man In The Cunt Skin Mask
06. The Last Temptation (Was You)
07. Paranoid
08. Strange Times Are Coming
09. The Shredder
10. Girl Meat Fever
11. Drag You Down To Hell
12. Ain’t No Turning Back
13. Don’t Blame Me
14. The Day The Earth Dripp’d Blood
15. Hell Must Be Empty (All The Demons Are Here)
16. Fuck Your World

The Kings of Psychobilly are back with their new studio album 'Doing The Lord's Work'! 'Doing The Lord's Work' contains 16 brand new songs and it is coming in a more various way of Rock 'n' Roll, Surf and Psychobilly. Get it as CD, gatefold double LP in black vinyl or as a strictly limited edition gatefold double LP red vinyl including laser edge on side D.

21-08-2012 The Meteors 'Maniac Rockers From Hell DVD' WARNING!

Warning to all WWWC and True fans! We have just been informed, that this release from 'Secret Records' is due out in September. And while it is in no way a pirate and is a good quality product, it is in fact just the old 'Curtain Hellraiser' DVD from Weston Super Mare. It has just been repackaged and the CD is just the DVD without picture while the DVD is completely the same!


So unless you want to just buy a new photo and a bit of packaging, then we suggest You stay clear and save your money for newer and previously unreleased content witch we bring You every day. We do of course get money for this but we prefer to stand up for our audience, but if by any chance you didn't get the original 'Curtain Hellraiser' DVD, then buy this it's the same!


Don't say We didn't warn you!!


P. Paul Fenech 666

02-08-2012 New Record Label 'Mutant Rock Records'

This Label was formed By P. Paul Fenech and Tobbe Falarz and its intention is to concentrate on the more psychotic and wild side of Rock 'n' Roll, while being an outlet for the many and varied side projects of P. Paul Fenech ie The Legendary Raw Deal, The Surfin' Dead, The Murder Brothers etc. We also aim to release rare Meteors pieces and also other bands that fit our agenda this space...MUTANT ROCK RECORDS the thinking psychopaths choice!

So here it is Our Brand new Rock 'n' Roll record company, Mutant Rock Records, first I really have to clarify the fact that my own and indeed The Meteors long standing and successful relationship with 'People Like You' records is still ongoing and the band are very happy to continue with them as we have found them continually to have been the easiest and most progressive as well as supportive label we have ever dealt with.

But as My studio empire expands (both 'In Heaven studios' in the UK and 'MaD DoG studios' in Germany being almost continually fully booked and the new "MaD DoG Milan' opening this year) and along with it my other projects: The Legendary Raw Deal, The Murder Brothers, The Dead Eyes etc need a rather different touch and more independent hands on approach.

As well as my own stuff I have produced some bands over the years that I think can be helped by our new label and I foresee that over the coming years there will be some unique and extremely Rock 'n' Roll outings from our evil little label.

As with my previous labels 'Mad pig' and 'Sonovabitch' we're gonna ruffle a few feathers and shake a few worlds ....but mostly were gonna Rock and fuckin' Roll.....

P. Paul Fenech 666
Mutant Rock Records

22-02-2012 The Meteors New Album tasters
Lo-Fi short rough mix taster of the Sabbath classic Paranoid. Obviously not a straight cover but an interpretation for the forthcoming new Meteors album 'Doing The Lords Work'. Recorded at MaD DoG studio Germany, mixed by P. Paul Fenech

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