(K) Is For Chaos (Instrumental)

3 Against 1 (Instrumental)

4 LB Hammer

5 For Her, 3 For Him

A Very Handy Man (Indeed)

Acid And Psyam

Aint Gonna Bring Me Down

Ain't No Turning Back

Ain't Taking A Chance

Alligator Man

And None Shall Live (Instrumental)

Another Day On Fire

Another Half Hour 'Til Sunrise

Attack Of The Zorch Men

Awake With The Wolf

Axe Attack

Bad Boy

Bad Moon Rising

Ballad Of A Black Hearted Man (Instrumental)

Be My Slave

Bertha Lou

Between Heaven & Hell

Big Sandy

Black Black Nite

Bloodbeat (Instrumental)

Blue Sunshine

Body Count (Instrumental)


Brains As Well

Breaking The Law

Cecil Drives A Combine Harvester

Chainsaw Boogie

Charlie, Johnny, Rawhead And Me

Corpse Grinder

Crack Me Up


Crazy Love

Dance Crazy Baby

Dateless Nights

Death Dance

Deep Dark Jungle

Devil Bone

Die World Die (End Reprise) (Instrumental)


Do The Demolition Rock

Do You Wanna Make A Monster


Dog Eat Robot

Doing The Lord's Work (Laz part 1) (Instrumental)

Don't Blame Me

Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit

Down And Dirty

Drag You Down To Hell

Earwigs In My Brain

Eat The Baby

Electro (Instrumental)

Electro II The Revenge (Instrumental)

Electro III (Instrumental)

Endless Sleep

Ex Men Boogie (Instrumental)

Execution Song (Laz part 2)

Fear Of The Dark

Fire Fire

Fool No More


Fuck Like A Beast (Fight Like An Animal)

Fuck Off And Die

Fuck Your World


Get Off Of My Cloud

Get Outta My Way Now

Girl Meat Fever

Give The Devil His Due

Go Away

Go Buddy Go

Graveyard Stomp

Halloween Scream (Instrumental)

Halloween (tribute) (Instrumental)

Haunt You Baby Rock


Hell & Damnation (Meteors Won't Die) (Instrumental)

Hell Ain't Hot Enough (For Me)

Hell Must Be Empty (All The Demons Are Here)


Hellrider (The Legend Of Arms Malone) (Instrumental)

Here's Johnny

Hogs & Cuties

Hoover Rock

How Mad Is Max?

I Ain't No Good For You

I Ain't Ready

I Bury The Living

I Could Kill You (For What You've Done To Me)

I Don't Want You No More

I Don't Worry About It

I Go To Bed (With The Undead)

I Hate people

If Thatís The Way You Want It

If You Don't Wanna Fuck Me Baby

I'm Going Home

I'm Invisible Man

I'm Just A Dog

I'm Not Mad/Get Off My Cloud

In The Cards

In Too Deep




Into The Darkness

Island Of Lost Souls

It's A Long Way Down

Joba's Snake

Johnny God

Johnny Remember Me


Jupiter Stroll (Stomp, Don't Stroll) (Instrumental)

Just The Three Of Us

Kat Killer

Kattle Slut

Killer (Laz part 3)

King Of The Mutilators

King Vlad

Kings Of Psychobilly WWWC Ride Again

Kit Boy


Leave Me Alone

Let's Go

Liars In Wait (Instrumental)

Lie Down

Little Red Riding Hood

Load Up

Lonesome Train

Long Blond Hair

Love Me

Love You To Death

Low Liviní Daddy

Ma Johnson Meets The Razorback (Instrumental)

Madman Roll


Maniac Rockers From Hell

Meat Is Meat

Meet Me At The Morgue

Messin' With The Kid

Meteors Vs The World (FTW) (Instrumental)

Michael Myers

Michael Myers (Still In Shape)

Midnight People

Midnite Train

Mind Over Matter

Mutant Rock

My Baby Loves Me (Yes She Does)

My Baby's Got A Flame Thrower

My Daddy Is A Vampire

My Kinda Rockin'

My Life For Thee

My Psychobilly Syndrome (WWWC Bloody Pit Of Horror Mix) (Instrumental)

My Slaughtering Ways

Never Get Away

Never Stop The Hate Train

Night Of The Werewolf (Instrumental)

Nightmare In Elche (Instrumental)

No Reason

No Surrender

No Way Out

Only A Fury In My Heart

Out Of The Attic

Out Of Time

Oxygen Dog (Instrumental)

Paint It Black

Papa Jupe

Paradise Lost


Peace Of Mind


Please Don't Touch

Powder Pain And Misery

Power of Steel

Psycho Down

Psycho For Your Love

Psycho Kat

Psychobilly Number 1

Psychobilly Stomp (Instrumental)

Pure Evil

Queen Of The Slug People

Queen Of The Wild Wild Wind

Radioactive Kid

Raging Thunder!

Rattle Snakin' Daddy


Repo Man

Return Of The Ethel Merman (Instrumental)

Revenge Of El Trio Los Bastardos (Instrumental)

Rhythm Of The Bell

Ride Bastardos Ride (Instrumental)


Rockabilly Psychosis

Rock-a-hula Baby

Running 'round

Scream Of The Mutants

Scream You Fucker Scream

Sewertime Blues

Shadow Time

Shakey Snakey

She Screams Out My Name

She's A Zombie Now

She's My Baby Again

Shock Rocker

Shout So Loud

Sick Things

Sidewalk Psycho

Simply Ravishing (Instrumental)

Slice By Slice

Slow Down You Grave Robbing Bastard

Snake Eyes (Instrumental)

So Sad

Somebody Put Something In My Drink

Something Wicked This Way Comes  (Instrumental)

Sometimes (The Infernal Chord) (Instrumental)

Son Of Satan

Speedfreak (Instrumental)

Spine Bender



Stop Wasting Your Time

Straight Down To Hell

Strange Times (Are Coming)

Surf City

Surf Mad Pig

Surfin Home On A Dead Girl (Instrumental)

Surfin' On The Planet Zorch

Swamp Thing

Sweet Love On My Mind

Take A Ride

Teenagers From Outer Space

The Crazed

The Cutter Cuts While The Widow Weeps (Instrumental)

The Day The Earth Dripped Blood

The Devil Went Down To Moose's

The Edge

The Forsaken (Instrumental)

The Hills Have Eyes

The Jupiter Stroll (Instrumental)

The Last Bus To Sanity

The Last Temptation (Was You)

The Life And Times Of Chameleon Head (Instrumental)

The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Killer

The Man In The Cunt Skin Mask )Instrumental)

The Napoleon Solo (Instrumental)

The Old Man Down The Road

The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Rider

The Queen Of The Wild Wild Wind

The Return Of The Ethel Merman

The Room

The Shredder (Instrumental)

Theme From 'The Hypnotist' (Instrumental)

These Boots Were Made For Walking

These Evil Things

They Call Me Creepy

This Town

To The Devil A Daughter

Torture (Instrumental)

U Ain't Right


Voodoo Rhythm


Walter Mitty Blues

We Wanna Wreck Here

Welcome To The Wrecking Pit (Instrumental)

When A Stranger Calls

When Darkness Falls

Who Do You Love?

Wild Thing

Wildkat Ways

Wipe Out


Wreckin' Crew

Yellow Zone

You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

You Can't Touch Me

You Don't Know Me Very Well

You Scare Me Not

You Want It (I Got It)

Your Worst Nightmare

You're A Liar

Youre Baby Blue Eyes

You're Mine

Zombie Noise

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