Welcome on this website about Pure Psychobilly !!

Why not make a website about the few things that live keeps intresting? So here it is, a Website about the One And Only Pure Kings Of Psychobilly!! Thanks to Infernotoni, Madpig and Jon666 for the help and info!!



Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly

" The Meteors have cared little for trends or fashions, which surely goes some way in showing the reason they have been able to deliver groundbreaking work with such consistency, ever since their debut album 'In Heaven', to their latest crazed offering 'Hymns for the hellbound'.
Currently enjoying phenomenal success in the United States, The Meteors will be showing exactly why they have been described as nothing less than dangerous.
Under the direction of lead singer and guitarist P.Paul Fenech, The Meteors took the basics of 1950's Rockabilly and injected it with such ‘punked up’ venom that it could only be called one thing - Psychobilly."

 Carling Academy

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